You need the best car wash soap to make your car extraordinarily clean. However, you must make sure you buy the right car shampoo to achieve the best results and keep your vehicle gleaming like a new one.  Quality car wash soap and effective best car shampoo will protect the finish of your car when you are doing the general cleaning of your car.

Can I use a dish soap to wash my car is a common and frequently asked question? If you take time to examine what dish wash soap was made to do, you will understand why it is not the best soap for washing your car. Using dish soap for car cleaning is bad because it is designed for removing caked-on food and grease. Use best car soap for your car while you should consider dish wash soap for dishes because it is considered to be an abrasive soap. Dish soap accelerates the oxidation procedure and causes a dull appearance to your car.

can i use dish soap to wash my car

Moreover, this type of soap breaks down the wax coat of the car and can be very harsh on rubber. Looking at these dish wash drawbacks, best car wash soap is the best option if you are serious about keeping the paint of your car.

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Will Any Soap Work for Car Cleaning?

Any soap cannot work for washing your car except soaps designed for washing cars. They include car shampoo, soap car wash, car wash liquid and soap for cars purposely designed for washing cars. In fact, best car soap will not only make your car look better, but also make it last longer with the combination of best car shampoo. Dish soaps will not work for washing cars because they normally have foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate that will harm any painted surface.

What Constitutes Best Car Wash Soap?

Now that you understand that using dish soap to wash a car is bad, what is the next line of action? The next thing is to search for soaps manufactured particularly for cars, bearing in mind that hand soap, laundry soap, and other household cleaners are also not good for washing cars. Dish soaps are not pH balanced and car damage the paint of your vehicle. Only best car wash soaps are recommended for car wash.

With best car shampoo, you will get the desired results you want. Moreover, car wash soap has an additional lubricant that you will notice when moving it at the back of your fingers. The slick formula of car wash liquid is fantastic for the surface of your car.

Your best bet is to have ample information about soaps designed for washing cars, if you want to buy the best car shampoo or soap car wash. Consider the pH level of the soap as it promises unsurpassed results that revolutionizes how you wash your car. Best car wash soap will complement suitable car wash process by being eco-friendly; pH balanced and features a heavy foam formula.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to wash a car is very important to make sure you achieve the best car cleaning results. Considering the dangers associated with dish soap, don’t ever use it to wash your car. Despite that your car might look clean afterward, the fact remains that the dish soap will strip away the sealant or wax that is intended to protect the vehicle.

On the other hand, dish soaps are not pH balanced and will eventually dull the finish of your car, and you wouldn’t want this to happen to your vehicle. Best car wash soap is available at the local retail shop around you to buy if you want to wash your car. The good news is that best car soap is relatively affordable and worth the cost.

More importantly, using car wash soap will ensure that the paint of your car is in its best condition for several years to come while you will stop the advertisement of oxidation and also put a stop to stripping your car of its essential oils and wax protection, in the process of using best soap to wash cars, you will stop the advertisement of oxidation and put a stop to stripping your car of its essential oils and wax protection.