You have invested so much in buying your car and washing it with the best car wash soap is very important. Unfortunately, proper washing is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked areas of vehicle care. Many people wash their cars with detergents and other soaps that can hamper the paint of their vehicles. It is noteworthy that washing with dangerous chemicals can dull and damage the finish of your car over time.

Washing your car with best car soap will get rid of loose contaminants like mud, dirt, and dust from the outer surface of your car. Make sure you use the soap recommended for cars to wash your car always and avoid using dish cleaner or liquid detergent that can strip off wax and damage the paint. The first thing to do when you want to start your car cleaning is to rinse it to take out the larger pieces of dirt that can scratch the car when washing.

Car Shampoo

Gloss enhancing capability, gentleness, concentration, pH balance, lubricity, and foaming ability are some factors that establish best car shampoo. High-quality car shampoo will wash the body of your car; improve the gloss and leave the paint sealant and car wax intact. Beware of generic car wash shampoos sold in bulk at a discount store or in bulk because they lack a lot of the attributes of higher quality shampoos.

Cheaper bottles of this low quality shampoos are also available, but they are not of good value. However, if you are not sure of the best car shampoo for your car, it is recommended that you use the same brand you use for your car sealant or wax.

How to Clean Your Car

how to clean a car

You need to know how to clean your car to keep it looking new and free from grit and dirt, particularly if you want it to last for a long period of time. One of the things you need to do is to use best car wash soap.

Assess the Condition of Your Car to Determine the Best Car Wash Soap

Assessing the state or condition of your vehicle will help you determine how to clean a car and the type of soap for cars you will you for washing it to make it look like new one.  A new car or one with a good coat of wax on it may just require a wash and wax to maintain it. Consequently, a vehicle with an average to the neglected exterior may also need cleaning and polishing.

Read the Label on Car Wash Soap

It is very important to read the label before using any car wash soap. This is because the application can differ from brand to brand and car to car. Moreover, you need to buy the finest microfiber clothes and maintain different piles for those used on your car windows, wheels and paint. You also need to wash your towels after each use.

Maintaining a Shine and Protection

You will still need to take some steps further to maintain the look of your car after you have done the hard work of washing with best car soap. Use a spray detailer and best car shampoo to clean, polish and protect your car to keep it looking attractive. You can apply it with a polisher or hand to achieve the best results you desire.

Wash the Windows

Avoid some of the household glass cleaners available on the market today, when you want to clean your car windows because they contain ammonia that can damage the tint of your car window. Use car window cleaner instead, for best results and wipe down two times to make sure the cleaner is completely removed.

Wash the Wheels of Your Car

It is a big effort to wash a car with car wash soap and it will be too bad to dirty the body with dirt from the wheels. Using the product specially formulated for your type of wheel is the significant wheel cleaning tip in this case. Choose the least powerful type of wheel cleaning product which is acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner, if you do not know the type of wheels you have, because it can be used on all wheel types.

Prepare the Body of Your Car

You can easily see oxidation, swirls, and scratches in the paint of your car and feel for bonded contaminants like tree sap or over spray which best car soap fails to remove after washing. All you need to do in this situation is to run your hand over the car, need to go a step further with the cleaning of the car, if you can feel little bumps. You can use a clay bar to get rid of stubborn bonded contaminants. This will remove everything from the body of your car and restore silkiness to the paint.

However, begin by rubbing it in a flat wafer and make use of a detailer as a lubricant. Take hold of it in your palm and run it over the body of your car. On the other hand, you will need a compound paint cleaner to remove etching and scratches under the surface. You can apply it by hand with applicator pads or with a double action polisher. Wipe it off soon after applying it. These compound paint cleaner needs to be worked inside the finish and can at times need a second, third, or even fourth application.

The General Steps for Washing the Entire Body of Your Car with Best Soap to Wash Car

1. Wash your car under a shade with best soap to wash car often to keep the soap from drying on the car before you eventually wash it away. A comparatively calm day is the best time to wash your car because a gentle wind can put particles of dirt in the air and stain the water you want to use in washing the car. On the other hand, the breeze can cause some spots to the dryer before you rinse off the car wash liquid – causing water spots and streaks.

2. Use two buckets both having a Grit Guard put in them. One is for your soap for cars and the second bucket is for clean water to rinse the soap off your car.

3. Rinse the surface of the car meticulously to remove loose dirt and grime before you start with the car wash process. Use foam cannon to pre-soak the car before rinsing, if the paint is very dirty or you desire to apply more caution.

4. Remember to always start washing from the top of the car to the bottom, whenever you want to wash your car and not the other way round. In general, the parts near the ground are the dirtiest parts of the car. Bumpers, rocker panels, and wheel wells use to have the major buildup of grime, which you do not want to dirty the paint surface and the possibility of getting it scratched.

5. Fill your wash mitt with your car wash liquid and spray it on the wash surface to act as a pre-soak and helps slacken off the surface gunk. Furthermore, it adds additional sudsy water to the surface and further lubricity helps grim away safely without scratching.

6. Do not wait till you finish washing the car before rinsing, but keep the wash areas small and rinse the car wash liquid off the car frequently with the clean water in the second bucket.

7. Wash the vehicle in straight, overlapping lines as against washing in circles and do not forget to be mild with the wash mitt on the initial pass. This initial pass will pick up the majority of the dirt and loosens the residual dirt for pick up on the second pass.

8. Open up the Fire Hose Nozzle to the open flow setting to rinse your car. However, you can remove your nozzle completely and allow the water to a sheet or run over the surface of the car, if you don’t have an open flow selection on your nozzle. This will not allow water to spot your vehicle as there will be less chance of leaving water behind. In addition, your car will dry fast as there will be fewer residual droplets left behind.

9. Drying your car after washing it with the best car wash soap is very important. Therefore, use only high-quality drying towels when you dry your car, and wring out repeatedly. You will need at least two towels for this purpose.

10. After washing the car meticulously with soap for cars, dry the body softly without putting much pressure on the paint. You only need to pick up the buildup water. As a result, you do not need to rub the surface. If the first towel is soaked or saturated after picking up the buildup water, use the other towel to lightly pick up any leftover droplets or streaks.


Car cleaning in the best sequence possible and with the right soap car wash is very important in order to get the expected end results.  Washing your car with the best car wash soap will get rid of loose contaminants, including mud, dirt, and dust from the exterior of your car. Always use soap for cars and not dish cleaner or liquid detergent that can damage the paint and strip the wax off. Quality soap car wash will keep the surface of your car shining and make your vehicle looking like brand new for a long time.