Do you believe that car cleaning is a tedious and difficult task? Then you are possibly using the wrong car cleaning products, tools and techniques. Choosing the best car wash soap to wash your car is one of the smart ways to wash your car and make it look like a brand new one every day. No matter how expensive and impressive the model of the car you drive, nobody will look at it even for once if you did not use the soap designed for cars to wash the car to make it look like a brand new one. If you keep even your old and worn car in good condition and use best car shampoo to wash it on regular basis, it can still impress people.

You need to know how to wash a car with one of the available car wash supplies, if you want to maintain your image as a specialized business person in the presence of your would-be customers, or whether you just want the best care for your car, bearing in mind that the condition and look of your car can either make or break your day. Even as a reasonable amount of effort in the labor invested in cleaning your car is quite important, the largeness of the responsibility is vested on the car care products.

However, selecting the right car care products can be tricky, particularly given how much variety of the soap for cars can be found, with each promising to deliver the best results. Going through this jargon takes time and a certain level of understanding to know what is the car wash liquid for your car.

Therefore, you need to have an idea of how to wash car if you are looking for the right car wash supplies.

Here’s a complete guide on how to wash your car while using best car wash soap & car shampoo.

how to wash a car

Are You Using the Best Car Wash Soap and Right Washing Technique?

Are you really washing your car, or just doing harm to the paint because you didn’t use the right car wash soap? Are you washing your car inadequately or adequately with soaps designed for cars? Washing your car with bad and substandard soap car wash is the cause of the swirl marks that damage your vehicle. Thorough weekly washes with best car shampoo and careful hand-drying is the best care you can give your car to make it long-lasting.

On the other hand, using inferior car wash supply and inappropriate cleaning techniques will cause unpleasant scratches and swirls in the paint of your car, needing polishing or compounding. These problems can be eliminated and save you added work with the tips and tricks to wash your car.

Car Wash Precautions

how to wash a car

1. Never wash in direct sunlight but rather choose a shady spot.

2. Choose car wash liquid that is gentle on the paint and effective at eliminating contamination.

3. Avoid using sponge and plush mitts as a rule of thumb. The natural sea sponge has a lot of deep screened-off areas where dirt and debris can build up.

4. Use natural fibers as they will not scratch the paint and they will eventually pull contamination inside the openings of the sponge, away from the paint.

5. Always make use of the softer side of the sponge for washing your car.

6. Make sure you rinse new sea sponges very well before use, in order to remove sand or shell fragments.

You can also use Sheepskin Wash Mitt to wash your car as it is very soft and plush. It features fibers that are gentle on paint, while its nap is deep enough to endure loose sand and dirt that can rub against your car.

Thorough Car Cleaning

how to wash a car

1. Wheels and Tires: Always wash the wheels and tires first. As you wash your car and splash dirt or wheel cleaners on your car, you can quickly wash it away as you wash. In addition, use safe soap for cars.

2. Body of the Car: Always remember that apart from the best car shampoo you need to clean your car, you must use a freshly rinsed bucket and clean water to clean your car. Moreover, it is essential to use best car soap to wash your car. The purpose of using soap car wash is to get rid of contaminants and lubricate the car in order not to scratch the paint.

Do not use dish detergents on your vehicle as they remove protecting coatings. Car shampoo is the fantastic choice for cleaning your car. They don’t remove wax and offer abundant lubrication of gritty particles. Moreover, do not wash the car when the body is hot, like immediately after driving. This is because the body will still be hot and heat speeds the drying of soap and water, making the car more difficult to wash and also increasing the formation of deposits and spots.

3. Preventing Swirl Marks: Fill a bucket with car wash soap and water and use another bucket for clean water. First dip your sponge in clean water to rinse out the contamination and grit you have just removed from your car, each time you are prepared to reload your sponge with the soap for cars water. After that, dip it in the soapy water and keep washing.

The Grit Guard is even a better alternative. This is a plastic grid that sits in the bottom of a 5-gallon wash bucket and calms down the water. While tis he spotless water leftover at the top of the bucket, the particles and contamination settle to the base of the bucket.

4. Rinsing: In order to remove loose debris from your vehicle, make sure you rinse it very well before you start washing it. After rinsing, start washing from the top with car wash soap. Wash it down from the front to the back.

In your car cleaning effort, make sure you wash the upper panels and the windows before washing the lower part of the car in order not to transfer grit to the top part of the car. Rinse and refill your sponge frequently to avoid cross-contamination. Note that you don’t have to blast your vehicle clean with the water hose when rinsing. Rinse with free-flowing water with no nozzle to allow the water to sheet off your car for additional meticulous rinsing.

Tips for Drying after Washing Your Car with Soap for Cars

how to wash a car

Now that you have completed washing your car with soap for cars, it is time to dry the car. Here are some tips for you in this regards:

1. Never skip drying your car after washing it with soap for cars! It is very important to dry your car after washing, in order to prevent water spots, which are as a result of mineral deposits that etch the outline of a fall of water on the paint of your car. The minerals stay put on the surface as water evaporates, eventually and perpetually creating water spots. There are many ways you can dry your car after washing it with the best car wash soap, but make sure you do it fast.

2. Use the California Jelly Blade is the fastest means of drying or removing excess water from your vehicle. It is a paint-friendly squeegee that draws 80 percent of water out from the surface of your car. However, you may still need to use a towel to wipe drips away from around mirrors and windows after using the California Jelly Blade.

3. Dry the mirrors and windows first.

4. Use the big Supreme Guzzler to dry water off your car. Use a smaller towel to repeat the drying.

5. Wipe down all the door jambs, when you finish drying the outside. Open the hood and trunk to wipe the jambs.

6. Use a chamois or towel designed for the purpose to dry your wheels. Do not apply this towel on the paint of your vehicle to shun cross-contamination. On the other hand, you may use the towel to wipe off the surfaces below the hood. More importantly, make sure you wash the towel before using it again.


Choosing the best car wash soap is the starting point, when it comes to proper car cash wash and paint care. Moreover, looking for a quality car shampoo doesn’t need to be difficult or over-thought. If you neglect the paint of your car your car, taking time to choose a quality car shampoo will be almost irrelevant. On the other hand, washing your car with the wrong car soap will jeopardize the beauty and health of your car paint. The tips above will help you if you want to wash car with the best car wash soap.